Cities & Children

Children are a specific population to consider in cities. This collection of solutions and blocks provides a quick summary of resources on this topic.

Child Friendly City


Despite 25% of the city being made up of those aged 18 or under their views are often neglected. A Family Friendly City conference will investigate what constitutes a family friendly city and will highlight the rights and needs of children and young people as active Bristol citizens and vital city assets. This will include people from a wide range of backgrounds, including international networks, small local organisations, as well as the opinions of the youth council and younger children.

Transform schools into Community Schools

2009 0617 ontonagon school

Community Schools are an effective model for engaging communities, delivering services, and improving student performance. The City is laying the groundwork for expanding the Community Schools initiative, which began transforming 128 schools in 2014, with the goal of eventually making every school a Community School. Students face a number of challenges in the classroom and at home that impede their ability to succeed academically. The Community Schools model identifies student needs and connects students with services to address these needs. The Community Schools’ “whole child, whole community” approach recognizes that, by intervening in this way, schools can help every student achieve his or her full potential. At Community Schools, students receive high-quality academic instruction, families access social services, and communities are invited to share resources and address their common challenges. Community Schools establish strong partnerships among principals, parents, teachers, and community-based organizations (CBOs). These partnerships offer a coordinated approach to increasing learning opportunities, student wellness, readiness to learn, personalized instruction, community partnerships, and family engagement.