Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning is a one of the most basic city planning processes, bringing together elements of land use, transportation, and other needs. This collection of solutions and blocks provides a quick summary of resources on this topic.

Improve mobility through integration, safety, & sustainability

This solution addresses need for mobility improvements in Mexico City, Mexico for local communities

Multi-modal transportation to connect people, employment, and services

Canal streetcar in new orleans  louisiana  usa

The city will hire a Transportation Coordinator to redesign our regional transit system to connect people, employment, and services. We'll encourage use of mass transit use by providing public employees with a pre-tax transit pass. At the same time, we'll work with the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) to develop a vision for a multimodal regional transit network that integrates bicycle and pedestrian networks.

Resilience Integration into the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan


The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) serves as the city’s highest level policy document, articulating the community’s vision and core values. The BVCP contains sustainability principles and policies and chapters that convey discrete topics such as land use, transportation, housing and economy. By integrating new resilience policies and strategies into the BVCP, the plan can address key elements of a healthy, stable and adaptive community, reflect and address Boulder’s highest risks so the community can be adaptive, underscore connectively between systems and vulnerabilities, and illustrate ways that the BVCP can address Boulder’s resilience, not only in times of disruption and crisis, but also on a day-to-day basis and over the long term. Integrating resilience into the BVCP will leverage interdisciplinary expertise and generate strategies that are responsive to Boulder’s challenges, as well as align activities and priorities across city departments.