Food Systems

How the public sustains themselves with food is fundamental to life. This collection of solutions and blocks provides a quick summary of resources on this topic.

Local food system assessment


Boulder’s passion for safe, local and ethical food has made the community a global hub for natural foods. As a leader in the natural and organic industry, Boulder has world-class, locally sourced restaurants and has made revolutionary contributions to natural food packaging and labeling. However, Boulder needs a better understanding of what role locally produced food can play in buffering the community from a disruption in national or global food or transportation systems. The city will conduct an entirely new food security assessment, deviating from traditional scales of analysis and definitions of “security.” An assessment of this type will require a broad range of partnerships from the business, agricultural, transportation and water sectors, among others, to understand how changes in the complex dynamics of the food production, delivery and consumption system can both be impacted by disruption, but also meaningfully mitigated by local action.