Homelessness Tactics

Homelessness has a number of complex contributors and potential tactics. This collection of solutions and blocks provides a quick summary of resources on this topic.

Access to physical and mental healthcare services

This solution addresses gaps in healthcare in New York City, USA for local communities

Homelessness services and resident input

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Additional initiatives are designed to get homeless Cariocas off of the street by providing education, health care, job training, and housing; and to involve more citizens in policymaking through programs that better disseminate information about civic issues and facilitate the collection of input from citizens.

Neighborhood Health Hubs that co-locate clinical and mental health services, social services and City agencies

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Community health and service offerings are often fragmented, duplicative, and have persistent service gaps. Too often, despite an array of services provided by many dedicated organizations, there has not been the kind of impact needed to significantly improve population health. Thus, the DOHMH will launch Neighborhood Health Hubs, which aim to eliminate health disparities and promote health equity. These health hubs revitalize a 1920s idea whereby CBOs, providers of medical and mental health services, and other New York City government agencies co-locate to provide coordinated services to neighborhood residents. The aim is to foster cross-sector work that addresses the root causes of health inequities—such as violence, low income, and low educational attainment—in communities with the greatest burden of disease, while building on the wealth of existing assets in those neighborhoods. DOHMH will begin by establishing at least seven Neighborhood Health Hubs in neighborhoods with high health disparities. The first site is expected to be in East Harlem. These Neighborhood Health Hubs will be located inside DOHMH District Health buildings.

Tackling street homelessness

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Bristol is experiencing a rise in homelessness with the city having a significant gap between demand and supply of suitable accommodation for homeless people and families. The aim is to eliminate or significantly reduce involuntary rough sleeping in Bristol within 12 months, whilst ensuring that the quality of accommodation provided. Bristol’s new City Office will develop a strategic plan in the coming months, aimed at increasing the supply of accommodation at all levels, which is appropriate to immediate needs, and also considers longer term housing.