Neighborhood Economics Solutions

Accelerating the flow of capital through our neighborhoods

Alternative exit strategies


In conventional wisdom, technology firms exit to an acquisition by somebody bigger than them, or to IPO. Neither of these strategies is particularly interesting for impact-first tech firms. This is a placeholder for the alternative exit we are contemplating, with resources to some pertinent examples.

BRICK Pop Up Shops: Acquire and Maintain Retail Space for New Entrepreneurs

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The flexibility of the Brick Pop Up Shops allows brands to create temporary shops to pitch new products or just an opportunity to test products without the time and financial commitment of an entire store launch. Brands have the option of reserving either the entire space for an exclusive shop set up or half of the space to utilize BrickOTR as a shared shop experience. The floor and window display spaces are fully customizable to the preferences of individual vendors, and MORTAR will work with vendors to assist in creation of a marketing plan.

Local Funding for Twin Cities, Denver, Baltimore

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Ours To Own is a growing movement of people making small investments — $20 or more — to strengthen the cities we live in and love. We are reclaiming the basic concept of investing: pooling together smaller amounts of money to create bigger impact, for the common good. Over the past 20 years, we have raised more than $1 billion in support of community development efforts, providing resources that have reinforced and launched new businesses, and expanded services that people need. Now in the Twin Cities, Denver and Baltimore, Ours To Own is rolling out across the country as new investors join the movement, and as we deepen relationships with local lenders and community leaders, to identify the enterprises we can best support.

Ours to Own: Small Investments Create Strong Communities

This solution addresses Lack of local investment dollars for local organizations and intitiatives in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Denver, Baltimore for small businesses and nonprofits that aren’t strong candidates for traditional investment

Social Enterprise Greenhouse

This solution addresses growing successful social enterprises in Providence, RI for social entrepreneurs and the communities where they do business.