Organizational Systems

This is a collection of organizational systems that exist or are being discussed whichempower commmunities to be more effective in their sustainablitly goals.

A farmer-to-farmer teaching model


A farmer-to-farmer teaching model was implemented, allowing farmers to participate in field days and to work with more experienced peers. A “motherbaby” strategy was used to educate about the management of all the legume technologies used in the study. In each participating community, trials of all five legume options were grown in central village plots maintained by the FRT to allow direct observation by farmers (i.e. the “mother” plot). Individual farmers simultaneously tested one to two of the legume options in “baby” trials (10x10 meter plots) at their home and compared them to their normal cropping systems. All farmers were instructed to plant their chosen legume technology at uniform planting spacing or density.14

Network building

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This BB has several resources attached for thinking about how to build and maintain effective networks.