Performance Measurement & Tracking

Performance measurement is fundamental measurement of critical outputs and outcomes. This collection of solutions and blocks provides a quick summary of resources on this topic.

British Standard on city resilience

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The British Standards Institute is working to develop a good practice guidance standard in relation to city resilience. Bristol, amongst other 100RC cities, will host a workshop to inform the development of the standard, peer reviewing the intended approach. This is to reflect the status and work that is continuing in Bristol to make it more resilient. The standard will act as guidance for the city leaders and as a management framework for executives with responsibility for different resilience themes within cities.

City metrics and Sustainable Development Goals

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We will develop a new set of high level city metrics for all stakeholders to aim towards a fairer, happier and more sustainable city. This will help us move away from relying solely on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - a high level economic growth indicator - as the headline measure of our success. The work already done by Bristol-based Happy City Initiative, along with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), provide useful frameworks and tools for developing a new, inclusive set of Bristol metrics. These need to be developed and agreed with a wide range of city partners so that they can then be used as the basis for designing and evaluating future city policies and programmes across different organisations and policy areas. They can also be used to raise public awareness and as a mechanism to anchor the city’s international engagement.

Decision-making with data-driven principles


We will do this by measuring performance to improve the City’s resilience decision-making, and identifying Key Performance Indicators for digital services, such as the Rent Adjustment Program.

Developing Clear and Measurable Program Goals

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A clear set of goals allows for a complicated programs to reference back to fundamental objectives. Furthermore, when these goals are measurable and attached to a deadline, the allows for an effective read on the successes or failures of the program. As an example, see the attached image of the Corporation of Chenai's measurable goals for their street redesign project that they aimed to achieve by 2018.

Equitable and measurable community engagement

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We will do this by developing principles for community engagement in Oakland, pursuing the Partners for Places Equity Pilot to support ongoing collaborative engagement, and improving use of metrics to promote equitable outcomes.

Resilience Impact Assessment

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Bristol City Council currently requires major initiatives and investments to be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and an Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA). The use of a resilience lens to assess the impact of initiatives and projects would provide an integrated and systemic view of risks and impacts associated with city interventions. Some 100RC cities such as have introduced the use of the resilience lens to assess projects. New Orleans, for example, has established a Resilience Design Review Committee for regular project review. The release of this strategy provides a timely opportunity to consider how resilience is embedded into design and implementation of city and regional projects. A group of officers will be convened in the City Council to develop proposals for integrating resilience thinking into internal assessment processes.