Relationship building

Tools for sustainable collaboration

Accessing social networks

Social network

Social networks have changed the way information is shared. For movement building, it has become a double-edged sword, both catapulting information sharing into innovative new directions and distracting attention from real goals. Learning from the benefits and challenges of social media is essential in harnessing its power.



Communicating openly and honestly about each partner's expectations and responsibilities sets a strong foundation from the beginning

Create a Culture of Collaboration and Trust

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Creating a culture of collaboration and partnership in data processes requires trust. In the earlier Data Scoping meeting, participants observed that some organizations were skeptical about sharing information. To address this and build confidence in the data process, it was suggested that stakeholders develop consensus on shared goals and agree to adequately address any concerns as they arise. The group was tasked with identifying possible knowledge partners in two or three key areas of work and determining what elements could make up a data sharing agreement between organizations.



Inclusion ensures that those in need of a solution are also included in the process of finding the solution.